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Buxom 'Winner Takes All' Lip Set // Holiday 2014

Thursday, December 18, 2014 / ,

Buxom Cosmetics Holiday 2014, Buxom Winner Takes All Lip Set Review and Swatches

Let me start this post off by saying Buxom Cosmetics' lip products are heavenly. I have been obsessed with their Full-On Lip Cream in White Russian since the moment I purchased it last year. This holiday season Buxom has released incredible gift sets, my favorite being the Winner Takes All Lip Set. The Winner Takes All Lip Set is a collection of six mini Full-On lip polishes and Full-On lip creams. The Lip Polish formula is described as a "sheer, shimmering lip gloss with a tingling, plumping effect". The Lip Cream is formulated to be a "creamy, no-shimmer" lip gloss, with the same plumping effect as the Lip Polish.

Buxom Cosmetics Holiday 2014, Buxom Winner Takes All Lip Set Review and Swatches

Laura Geller // Baked Bronze-N-Brighten

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 /

Laura Geller Baked Bronze-N-Brighten in Medium Review

The Laura Geller Baked Bronze-N-Brighten is a baked bronzer that features multiple infused colors to help you create a bronzed, radiant glow. What sets the bronzer apart from others on the market, is it's ability to highlight and bronze. Typically, a bronzer will add one shade of color to the skin, with usually too much sparkle. Since the Baked Bronze-N-Brighten is an infusion of both pinks and browns, when you apply it, it adds an overall warmth to your complexion, rather than a one-dimensional color. 

Illamasqua Multi Facet Palette // Holiday 2014

Monday, December 15, 2014 / ,

Illamasqua Multi Facet Palette Holiday 2014 Review

I first fell in love with Illamasqua when I discovered their creamy highlighter Gleam, in the shade Aurora. From the moment I swatched the highlighter in Sephora, I knew it was going to become one of my favorites. Prior to trying Gleam, I had only used powder highlighters, but the creamy consistency of Aurora was easy to apply, and instantly created that natural "glow". When I came across their Multi Facet Palette, which features Aurora, in addition to seven other products and shades, I was eager to give it a try. Gleam had been the only Illamasqua product in my collection, and I was curious to see if their other products lived up to the creamy highlighter. Spoiler alert: They do. 

Harry's Shave Set // Gift Idea for Men!

Friday, December 12, 2014 / ,

Harrys Shave Set, Harrys Winston Set Shave Review

My lovely boyfriend, who happens to be MCBL's top reader and #1 fan, kindly agreed to try and review a gift set. We both agree the Harry's Winston Set would be the perfect present for the guy in your life, but I felt my boyfriend's point of view would help prove that. I mean, what do I really know about shaving my face? Nothing. 

Blogger Guide To: Post Planning & Editorial Calendars // + a Sugar Paper LA Giveaway

Thursday, December 11, 2014 / , ,

Blogger Guide, Blogging 101, Blogger Guide to Editorial Calendars, Blog Editorial Calendars, Blog planning

Staying organized and planning ahead are key components in being a successful blogger. Yes, there have been times where I created amazing last-minute content, but the majority of the time, my week runs much smoother when I have everything already planned. Pre-planning blog posts isn't as grueling of a process as you would think. You would be pleasantly surprised by how much time you save in the long run, just by allotting a small amount of time each week to updating your editorial calendar.