Blogger Series: Desk Tour

Blogger Series: Desk Tour


Where I work each and everyday is so important to me. If I’m in an environment I don’t love, chances are I won’t be productive, and I’ll find a million different excuses to avoid my work. I try to change up my workspace as often as possible to keep my creativity and inspiration flowing. Obviously I don’t get a new desk and rennovate every time I’m in the mood for a bit of change, but I mix and match pieces that quite honestly make me happy. I’ll rotate artwork in and out, and keep pieces around I know make me feel good.

SachaJuan | Marc Jacobs | Glossier | Diptyque | Chanel

As a beauty blogger, my desk is almost always filled with products. I try my best to keep it at a minimum, but when I’m working on several projects I like to have the products I’m focusing on nearby. It reminds me to work on the post, and keeping them close usually leads to experimentation in my free time.

Diptyque | Tweezerman | Prada | Glamglow

I tend to keep a few magazines on my desk at all times. They’re pretty to look at and I gain a ton of inspiration for blog posts from reading articles and looking at spreads. I cannot stop looking at the August 2015 edition of Harper’s Bazaar with Natalie Portman on the cover! It is quite honestly one of the most beautiful fashion spreads I have seen in years.


Blogger’s Essentials Illustration | Beauty Shelf Illustration

I may be partial, but I love hanging our designs up in my workspace. Obviously I designed them so they work with my aesthetic, but it just makes me so happy to see them on my wall! For the time being, our designs can be purchased in our Etsy shop. Our boutique is still set to launch at the end of the month, but we have all of our new designs available for sale in our Etsy shop as well.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit, then you know how much I love planning and organizing. I would literally be lost without my planners (yes, I keep multiples). If you’re a fan of the Day Designer you will be thrilled to find out that Whitney English and Blue Sky collaborated to bring the Day Designer to Target! They’re available in so many different sizes and designs. Not only is the Day Designer an incredible planner, but it has also taken the place of all of my to-do lists. The planners are structured in a way to keep you beyond organized.

Because I love all of you so much, I decided to give away a Day Designer for Target bundle! The winner will receive (3) Day Designer planners. You can keep them all for yourself, or spread the love and help other women in your life get organized. It’s the perfect time to start getting organized especially since I know a lot of my readers are going back to school, or getting their children ready to go back to school! Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. The more “tasks” you complete below, the more entries you will receive towards the giveaway. The giveaway is open internationally and the winner will receive (1) 5×8 Floral Cover Weekly Monthly Planner, (1) 6×8 Gold & White Weekly Monthly Planner, and (1) 8×10 Pink Weekly Monthly Planner. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Michele Rodocker

    I have lists. Too many lists. But that is how I stay organized with 3 kids, being a full time student, partner, and trying to stay sane.

  • Paulina Rios

    I try to make a list of activities and follow it! but it is difficult to organize and that can accomplish everything planned, Greetings

  • Petra Kos

    I love planners and activity lists to keep me organized 🙂

  • Debbie Yoder

    I use to do lists and online Calenders ,Ty for the chance to win!!

  • Megan Bowen

    planners and to do lists are my favorite ways of keeping organized

  • I set alarms on my phone to help keep my appointments in line as well as using to-do list.

  • DeAnna Branigan Keller

    I am always making post it notes, they’re all over the house.

  • LindaKish

    As far as appointments, I have a small calendar that I use to stay organized. I make lists for other things.

  • Bianca Rogoveanu

    So far i’ve been using the Erin Condren life planner !

  • Adella Gonzalez

    I love writing everything down. Whether it’s a journal, planner or on a memo pad. I love the Day Designer!

  • Trillina Palemi

    i use a calendar or diary

  • Christine A

    I keep organized with a planner and a to-do list app.

  • Baldo Sanfilippo

    liked and shared

  • Debora

    I stay organized thanks to my iPhone agenda 🙂

  • kristinnw

    I like to make reasonable lists of things I need to do each day.

  • Planning for Paris

    A gorgeous planner and washi tape are musts in my book!

  • Jillian Brooks

    I love your style, it’s so clean and classic. I keep organized with endless post it notes, because they’re so messy that it makes me want to finish asap.

  • laroyal06

    I use a day planner and pretty folders to help stay organized!

  • Melanie Westermann

    I use lots and lots of lists…

  • Breanna Danielle Pollard

    I love to use a organizer!

  • Anna

    I love making lists

  • Natalie Carlson Brown

    My favorite way to stay organized is daily lists kept in pretty notebooks. 🙂

  • Darlene Carbajal

    I stay organized by using the notepad on my phone!

  • Kasey Lynn Romero

    I have two organizers and use notes on my phone to stay organized 🙂

  • Abby

    I love love love to make lists. It’s the only way to figure out what’s going on! 🙂

  • Yessiena Fugate Chavez

    I’m a stay at home mom, to a one year old, as well as a wife to a solider. I am also a online student, so organization is KEY to a fluidly running household- and I rely fully on a planner! I make my lists in my planner, right my assignment, readings for school that I have to do, doctors appointments, my husbands field training days. My life DEPENDS on my planner. Yes my iPad and phone have planners, and calendars; but, I am a very hands on person, and work, in a some what old school way, where writing things down helps me remember.

    Aside from a planner I’ve made a chalkboard to write down need groceries for the upcoming trip to the store. Filing cabinets are also a major help with all those formal documents we have to keep up with. Lastly, post-its!!!!!!!! Always have a bunch of post-its

  • Cassie

    multi-colored sharpies! and a calendar app for my husband to put his events into is super helpful

  • Heather Hollands

    I use a lot of lists to stay organized.

  • Michelle Hughes

    I NEED paper to stay organised!

  • Sabrin

    folders and files help so much!

  • sissy kat

    folders and files!

  • Erin

    stay on top of things and dont put things off

  • abrennan09

    We have a calendar stuck to the closest side of the fridge for all the family to see!

  • debbie_suburbsanity

    I’m a big believer in a great planner and lots and lots of lists!

  • julia

    to do lists, journals and planner! (julia figs)

  • Vicky

    This giveaway is amazing I’m obsessed with cute planners

  • Mindy Bel

    Thanks for the great giveaway!
    I like to do cleaning on my desk once a week and throw away all the outdated notes and thing that I don’t use/

  • Tina Ivanisevic

    I am using notes and calendar on my iphone

  • I like making lists that help me know where I am at in my tasks and I like having a good planner so that I know when everything is due!

  • I love a great day planner, but also journals, alarms, and folders!

  • Alison Gibb

    I am so very unorganized. So, I have to write myself notes in order to remember stuff. UGH!!

  • Robin Wilson

    I keep a few lists that help me stay organized.

  • I love this adorable set up!

  • Josephine Fusco

    Love the whole setup! Especially that Louie!!