The Perfect Little Red Dress | The Bachelor Recap

The Perfect Little Red Dress | The Bachelor Recap

If you watched last week’s episode of The Bachelor, today’s blog post theme is no surprise. I mean, nearly half the girls were wearing red dresses! While it was pretty embarrassing in that scenario, I have to say, I love a little red dress. Since I am pretty much obsessed with The Bachelor, I am teaming up with my blogger bestie, Michelle of, to bring you Bachelor inspired content each week until Nick hands out his final rose (hopefully)! This week I am sharing some of my favorite little red dresses, which are perfect for the Valentine’s Day season. I think red is a fantastic, bold color to wear, and you really can’t go wrong with a red dress (unless of course you’re competing for a man’s attention, and he can’t pick you out from a crowd because you blend in with the other 15 girls wearing red dresses).

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Now, let’s recap last week’s episode before episode two airs tonight. Let me preface this by saying, I am a huge fan of Nick, and I couldn’t be happier that he is this year’s Bachelor. Yes, he got off to a bit of a rocky, creepy start in both Andi and Kaitlyn’s seasons, but he really redeemed himself during Bachelor in Paradise this past summer. I could tell that he’s really serious about finding someone, and after seeing how sensitive and caring he was throughout Bachelor in Paradise, I knew he would be the perfect Bachelor. Oh, and he’s definitely not hard to look at.

The episode started with past Bachelors giving Nick advice for the season. Listen, I love Chris Soules, but how could he possibly be handing out love advice? (He doesn’t even go here – hah!) The guys weren’t afraid to tell him basically everyone hated him before BIP. No pressure!

Now, onto the entrances! First let me say, there have been 20+ seasons of The Bachelor, and yet women still show up wearing prom dresses. Why?! There are so many beautiful dresses in the world, yet some of these women dig out some of the tackiest, prom-style gowns I have ever seen. I mean it is better than a shark (dolphin?) costume, but still. If I went through each woman we would be here all day, so I’ll just recap the highlights. Since I already mentioned the shark costume, I guess we’ll start with Alexis. I get that the women want to make a lasting impression, and the producers want to find ridiculous ways to amuse us, but come on! She seems like a sweet girl, but that costume should have come off right after her entrance. JoJo wore a unicorn head, so I’m not bashing costumes altogether, but I just felt like it was all just one big joke, and it made her look like a joke (especially considering how drunk she was).

Next, we have Liz, you know the girl who already met and slept with Nick (a producer’s dream). At first I liked her, and found the whole thing a bit romantic, but then her crazy eyes appeared. Now I’m unclear of her motives, but I’m pretty sure they’re not great.

Speaking of crazy, Corrine is basically this season’s Olivia. While I do appreciate the Elle Woods inspired video montage, I can’t imagine that someone who still has a nanny is ready to settle down and commit to a relationship. Also, Taylor, I don’t think telling a guy that your friends hate him is a great first impression. Just saying.

Enough with the crazy, let’s talk about my favorites. Vanessa is a special needs teacher and an absolute bombshell. She seems sweet, smart, and I can’t figure out why she’s even on the show. She seems too normal. I also like both Danielles, Rachel, and Sarah. They seem like the most put-together of the bunch.

I am really excited to see how this season plays out, and I hope Nick finds the right girl. I worry that there is just too much pressure for him to end up with someone, after being rejected 438 on national television, that it might mess with his head and he could potentially end up with no one. I’m still hopeful though. Bring on the drama!

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Do you watch The Bachelor? Who are your favorites so far?