How To Prevent Bathroom Beauty Clutter

How To Prevent Bathroom Beauty Clutter

Even though I have plenty of places to apply my make-up and get ready each day, I always find myself getting ready over the bathroom sink. I literally have a vanity set-up, yet somehow without fail, I find myself leaning over the sink with make-up spread across every inch of our (very small) countertop. I’m sure you’re all very familiar with GLAMboxes now, since I rave about them every second I possibly can. Well of course they would be the brand to come up with the solution to a problem I’ve had my entire life; the GLAMboard.

The GLAMboard is an expandable, portable beauty board that can be used virtually anywhere. In simple terms, it’s a luxe tray that is adjustable on both sides. It fits across your countertop like a dream, giving you enough space to have all your products out in front of you, AND the ability to still use the sink if you need to. I’m able to keep all of the products I use daily in the GLAMboard, and transfer it from my bathroom counter to the top of my bedroom dresser with ease. I love that it’s practical, yet still a pretty way to display my make-up when I’m not getting ready. It can even slide under your bed if you have company coming over and want to minimize clutter. It has been an absolute godsend in my daily routine, and it makes getting ready a million times easier. Plus I don’t have my boyfriend complaining about my products being all over the sink! It’s definitely something I WISH I had when I was in college.

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  • I need one of those because my drawers are a mess
    The color palette

  • I had that problem of cleaning my bathroom and vanity sink on Sunday night and by Friday it’s all a mess again! Until I cleaned my drawers and used one of those acrylic drawers that it looks better, but still messy!

  • bath clutter is my biggest problem! When you share a small bathroom with your boyfriend, the clutter struggle is real!
    This was super helpful, thanks lady!

  • Nora Grahe

    Thank You so much for this Giveaway! I have done every single entry because it means so much to me! I have always wanted to own a Gucci bag! Wow, the ultimate of winning! Here’s crossing all fingers and toes and dreaming of winning, Thanks again!