Blogger Desktop Essentials

Blogger Desktop Essentials

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From reading my blog I think it’s pretty clear how important my surroundings are to me. It is so hard for me to be productive if I’m not inspired by my space, which is why l always take the time to decorate (and redecorate) my office. When I look around my desk and see things that I love, and tools that keep me organized, I seriously feel like I can take on the world. You could imagine my excitement when I learned that Papyrus was launching a line of (amazingly cute) desk accessories. Today I’m sharing all of my desktop essentials as a blogger, and a look at the gorgeous Papyrus Desk Flair collection.


Even though I’m a blogger and you would think by nature I would love all things technology, I’m still a pen and paper kind of girl. To me, nothing makes me feel more productive and excited to work than a fresh new notebook and set of pens or pencils. I use notebooks for to-do lists, scheduling, notes, goal setting, or simply for jotting down any random thoughts or ideas. The notebooks from the Papyrus Desk Flair collection are seriously the prettiest notebooks I have ever seen. The Fashion & Accessories Notebooks are literally a blogger’s dream design. I always have one (or two) at my desk at all times. I even keep one in my purse for taking notes at events or conferences. When I attended HerConference last month, a blogger sitting behind me actually tapped me on the shoulder to find out where my notebook was from. (It was the Office & Flowers Notebooks from Papyrus by the way.)

Pens & Pencils

I’m always jotting something down, or writing in my planner, so pens and pencils are a no-brainer. I love the Gem Topped Gold Pen and Black Gem Topped Pencils from Papyrus because they’re practical AND look so pretty on my desk! I’ve started only signing official work documents with the Gem Topped Gold Pen because it makes me feel more official – hah! It’s the little things!

Inspirational pieces

Inspiration fuels me. If I’m not in an environment where I feel inspired, it’s really difficult for me to be creative. Quotes, words of wisdom, and photos are all pieces I love to keep on my desk as reminders to keep pushing towards my goals!


Inspiration can go pretty far, but sometimes a girl needs coffee. I always have a cup of coffee or tea on my desk to give me energy throughout the day.


When I say I would be lost without my planner, I really mean it. I’ll admit, I can be forgetful at times. My planner ensures I remember every meeting, deadline, dinner, and birthday!


A person’s work environment is always important, but when you work from home you really have to get creative and find ways to keep your space fresh. I love lighting candles to keep my office smelling great, and to set a relaxing tone when I know I have an evening full of editing or writing ahead of me. The Gardenia Glass Candle smells incredible, and has the most beautiful jar!

Since graduating from college a few years ago, I have become all about productivity! It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a day with the right attitude, environment, and tools. What are your desktop essentials? How do you keep your space inspiring?

Items throughout my office

Fashion & Accessories Notebook Set | Office & Flowers Notebook Set | Desk Accessories & Stripes Mini Notebook Set | Gem Topped Gold Pen | Black Gem Topped Pencils | Skeleton Clips | Shadow Box | Frame | Candle | Boss Lady Desk Plaque

The Desk Flair Collection is available now at Papyrus stores and online. It includes so many beautiful, fashion-forward designs perfect for every personality and style. From notebooks to pencil sets to tote-bags, the collection has it all.

  • Coffee and notebooks are such a must for me, specially coffee haha I am dead until I have some coffee in my system! haha x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • I am obsessed with Papyrus! Those notebooks are my fave!!
    xo, Syd