How to Host the Perfect Summer Soiree with Ecco Domani

How to Host the Perfect Summer Soiree with Ecco Domani

This post is sponsored by Ecco Domani.

One thing you’ll quickly learn about me is that I love entertaining. There’s something about hosting my friends and family that brings me so much joy. I will literally find any excuse to invite people over and host a party. I know a lot of people who don’t host dinners or get-togethers because they’re intimidated by the amount of work it takes to organize one. Little do they know, the secret to hosting a get-together is actually quite simple. All you really need is good company, delicious food, and the perfect bottle of wine. Today I’ve partnered with Ecco Domani to share my tips and tricks for hosting the perfect summer soiree.


Ecco Domani, Ecco Domani Christian SirianoEcco Domani, Ecco Domani Christian Siriano

A great bottle of wine can instantly make a get-together feel special. This summer I have yet to host a dinner or game night without serving a bottle of Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio. It’s delicious and so easy to pair with all the different types of food I like to serve. Ecco Domani recently partnered with Christian Siriano to create a limited edition bottle label. The new Palm Springs inspired bottle is absolutely stunning and has been a hit amongst my friends. When you see the bottle you’re instantly transported back to 1960s Palm Springs. It is the epitome of summer. Whenever I serve it or bring it to a friend’s house they are in complete awe. This past weekend I brought a bottle to my friend’s new apartment and both her and her fiancé could not get over how beautiful the design was. It’s become not only a delicious treat, but a beautiful centerpiece and talking point!

Pinot Grigio is always a great wine to turn to when hosting guests because it’s so widely liked. Ecco Domani’s Pinot Grigio has always been 100% Italian, made primarily from hand-harvested grapes. Between the delicious taste, beautiful design, and amazing price point, you really can’t go wrong.


Even though I love to cook, I like to keep the menu quite simple when I host guests. I want to be able to spend the evening enjoying time with my company and I don’t want to spend the entire time in the kitchen. My go-to? Platters! They’re so easy to make and you can serve virtually anything. Fresh fruit, as well as cheese, are always a staple, but the options are truly endless. One time I hosted a brunch and actually created a bagel platter, complete with different types of bagels and spreads. Get creative! I always feel like my guests prefer platters because they’re more interactive and they can enjoy a little bit of everything.


Presentation is everything! Decorating is definitely another reason I love hosting parties. It’s so much fun to pick a theme and go shopping for the essentials. Sure, you can just throw everything on a table, but your guests will definitely appreciate it if you take the time to make the evening look and feel special. Even simply serving your food on decorative platters can upgrade your party.

Most importantly, I love hosting parties because there is nothing better than spending quality time with the people you love. I love being able to treat my friends and family to fun and relaxing summer parties. It’s the best feeling watching everyone catch-up and laugh over a glass of wine. With my tips and tricks, I’m sure you’ll be ready to host your next party in no time!