The Cafe Papyrus at NYFW

The Cafe Papyrus at NYFW

This post is sponsored by Papyrus.

Earlier this month, during New York Fashion Week, I had the chance to visit The Cafe by Papyrus. For the past eleven seasons, Papyrus has hosted show goers at NYFW. Whether you wanted to refuel with coffee, send a complimentary card to a friend or loved one, or simply recharge and take a few minutes to yourself, The Cafe by Papyrus was the place to be in between shows.

The Cafe by Papyrus was one of the first things I saw as soon as I stepped foot into Skylight Clarkson. Show goers literally couldn’t resist checking in to see what the cafe was all about. I mean, cute white and gold decor, embellished greeting cards, and coffee? I don’t blame them. New York Fashion Week can be quite overwhelming to say the least, so it was kind of a no-brainer to want to refuel and recharge in the Papyrus space.

One of my favorite parts of The Cafe by Papyrus was that anyone could write and send a greeting card to whoever they wished. They had the prettiest designs to choose from and the cutest mailbox set up ready to go. NYFW is fast-moving, so it was nice to take a second to show someone in my life how much they mean to me by sending them a Papyrus greeting card. I sent one of my besties the Feather Fringe Shift card by Lela Rose, and she was in serious awe. It had been the week before my engagement party, so I wanted to thank her for all of her help planning and organizing.

Another personalized feature of The Cafe by Papyrus were the beautiful New York City themed illustrations by artist Deanna First. You were able to choose a favorite and have a custom phrase hand lettered on it by artist Angie Durbin. It was such a special touch, and definitely a piece I will keep to remember another successful fashion week!

I had such a great time at New York Fashion Week this year, and a large part of that had to do with visiting The Cafe by Papyrus. I seriously wish it existed all year so I could work from the space every single day.

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  • Amy

    This is so cool! Love the photos you’re taken too. Thanks for sharing.

  • Emily Kammeyer

    Love the card! So damn cute!

  • kelly

    I love Papyrus! This looks like so much fun 🙂

  • Amanda Lei Rollison

    What a fun thing to do! I had no idea they had a cute set up like that. Was NYFW just amazing?

  • Melissa Bernardo

    This is so cool! Loving your photos!

  • Deanna First

    Thanks for mentioning my work. 🙂 So glad you enjoyed yourself!