Seven Things To Do After You Get Engaged

Seven Things To Do After You Get Engaged

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I’m Engaged? Now what?

As someone who just got engaged earlier this year, I thought it would be helpful to breakdown what to do right after he pops the question! Right after I got engaged, the questions from family members and friends came pouring in! I wish I had been a little bit more prepared and had more guidance as far as what to do in the months following the engagement. In hopes to help any recently engaged ladies, or future brides-to-be, who may be in the position I was 6 months ago, I decided to create a checklist that’ll help you navigate your engagement like a pro!

1. Tell your family and friends.

I’m pretty sure your mom doesn’t want to hear about your engagement on Facebook! Call the people who are most important to you, and let them know about the exciting news. Once you get in touch with the people closest to you, feel free to post that ring selfie on every social media platform you want (I know I did haha). Matt proposed while we were on vacation in Hawaii with most of my family, so that did make things easier. After we went back to the hotel room to tell them, he called his family members, and I made sure to let the rest of my family and best friends know. It was such an overwhelmingly exciting moment and I remember my cheeks hurting from smiling so much.

2. Take your time.

Once the big news has been revealed, you’ll start getting a lot of questions. I mean, a ton of them. Do you know what season you want to get married in? Do you have a date? What kind of dress do you want? Who’s going to be in your bridal party? We even got a few, when are you going to start having kids? It’s really easy to feel pressured and start making decisions you’re not sure of, so make sure to pump the breaks. My best advice is to not jump into any planning in the weeks (even months) following your engagement. Take a second to step back and just enjoy being engaged.

3. Insure your wedding ring.

Not exactly the most thrilling of steps, but an important one you should consider. Your engagement ring very quickly becomes sentimental, so it can’t hurt to look into ring insurance.

4. Get inspired.

Before the real planning begins, it’s helpful to start looking for inspiration and getting an idea of what you want your big day to look like. Read all the magazines and scroll through Pinterest for hours to help you and your fiance figure out what the style is going to be for the wedding. That way when it’s time to start looking at venues and booking vendors, you know where to start. If you dream of having a boho beach wedding, you’re not going to look at catering halls or vineyards. Also, it helps to be on the same page as your partner. Matt and I spent countless train rides flipping through magazines and I can honestly say we both have a clear vision of our big day. We may not have anything officially booked, but we know what we want (and don’t want).

5. Create a draft of your guest list.

Your guest list will ultimately determine your budget. It might even knock potential venues right off your list immediately. Make sure to have both families look over the list to make sure no one has accidentally been left off. You can definitely add to the list as you get further into planning, but it helps to have an estimate.

6. Set a budget.

It’s not really a fun topic, but it’s an important one. It’s so easy to get caught up in flowers and over-the-top wedding dresses, but be realistic about what you can afford. You don’t want to start your marriage overloaded with credit card debt.

7. Pick a date.

Now that you’ve had time to enjoy the moment, create a vision for the big day, and know both your guest list and budget, it’s time to pick a date. Some couples have sentimental dates in mind, while others select dates based on the season of their choice. My biggest piece of advice when choosing a date is to consider the weather, especially if there will be traveling involved. If you decide to get married in New York in February, the chances of flights being cancelled because of a snowstorm are very high, so it’s important to keep that in mind.

What’s been really helpful in guiding us throughout this process is following WeddingWire’s checklist. It’s an interactive feature that takes you through the steps of the wedding planning process, from scheduling an engagement photo-shoot to setting up your registry. As you accomplish each item, you can check it off your list. It has been an immense resource throughout this super busy time in our lives.

I hope you’ve found this helpful if you too recently got engaged. If you’re ready to plan your engagement party, be sure to check out my guide here. I like to think I learned a thing or two throughout the process. Most importantly, just enjoy this time in your life and make sure to spend time with your partner. After all, it’s really about the two of you and wanting to spend your lives together!

  • Laura

    uhm is that your ring in that photo? STUNNING

  • Marissa Wehrer

    That pink and nude dress is stunning! Also, my dad mentioned getting the ring insured to me, and I never even thought of that. haha

  • BEAUTIFUL ring!!! I also love the coffee mug! I would add number 8, celebrate together before things get too crazy!