My Top Ten Favorite Amazon Purchases

My Top Ten Favorite Amazon Purchases

Hi, my name is Teresa and I have an addiction to ordering random things from Amazon. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Since I shop on Amazon multiple times a week and I’ve probably ordered thousands of products by now, I thought it would be fun to round up my favorite Amazon purchases of all-time. I’ll be honest and say it was hard narrowing it down, but I’m a million percent confident in these ten products. Investing in a Prime membership is money well spent. Matt and I recently decided to cancel some subscriptions in an effort to put ourselves on a budget, but we wholeheartedly agreed that we will never cancel our Prime membership. The convenience is priceless. Amazon is actually offering free 30-day trials for new members if you’re interested in giving it a try. Now, onto my top ten favorite Amazon purchases:

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Bamboo Handbag | Bow Flats | Chewy Vuiton Toy | Gold Frame Calendar | iPhone Stand
Velvet Chair | Mirror | Letter Board | Rotating Make-Up Organizer | Popsocket

1. Velvet Accent Chair, $93.99 | One of my most recent Amazon purchases, this velvet chair that I use in my office was an instant favorite. I had been on the hunt for a rose-colored velvet chair for the longest time, but every chair I came across was $500+. When I discovered this one, I thought it was too good to be true. The quality is seriously unreal, and I can’t believe I scored such a gem.
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2. Bamboo Handbag, $29.99 | Everywhere you turned this summer, there was a blogger styling a bamboo handbag. While I instantly loved the trend, I had a hard time justifying $90+ on a bag that will eventually go out of style. I was so happy when I discovered this dupe on Amazon for under $30. It’s a great piece for a tropical vacation!

3. iPhone Stand, $8.99 | Sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that make us happy. While I’m working I love watching YouTube videos and Instagram Stories, but I can never position my phone just right. Seriously, this $9 iPhone stand has been one of my best purchases. Everything is in view while I’m at my desk, and I’m able to multi-task better than ever.

4. Popsocket, $9.99 | Speaking of little things making me happy, I am literally obsessed with my Popsocket. If you don’t have one, you seriously don’t know what you’re missing. It’s essentially a grip for the back of your phone that makes texting, taking photos, and watching videos a million times easier.

5. Gold Dry Erase Calendar, $21.99 | I love dry erase boards, but most of them are kind of industrial looking. If I’m being brutally honest, they have a tendency to look cheap and ugly. When I found this gold frame dry erase board, I knew it would be perfect for my space. It keeps me organized and it’s not an eye sore like other boards can be.

6. Bow Flats, $24.53 | Many people don’t know this but Amazon has an incredible selection of clothing, shoes, and accessories. While I’ve made many Amazon Fashion purchases, one of my favorites has to be this pair of bow flats. The quality is unreal, and they’re comparable to pairs I’ve seen for $100+.
Best Amazon Purchases

7. Rotating Make-Up Organizer, $29.99 | It’s no surprise, I own a ton of make-up and beauty products. While I still use my GLAMbox, these rotating make-up organizers have been great for keeping my bathroom organized. I use them for storing my everyday skincare and beauty products.

8. Tri-fold mirror, $29.29 | In the past I never understood the need for a mirror separate from the one we have in our bathroom. Boy, was I wrong. This LED mirror makes applying make-up, tweezing your eyebrows, and every other beauty application so much easier.

9. Chewy Vuiton Dog Toy, $15.99 | I’m a total crazy dog mom and love spoiling my dog with toys and treats. But I’ll be honest, I bought this toy mostly for myself. Merlin loves it too, but I just think it’s the cutest thing in the world.

10. Letter Board, $27.99 | Letter boards have become so trendy in recent months, and rightfully so. They’re a great way to keep your favorite quotes on display and showcase your personality. It has easily become one of my favorite decor pieces in our home.
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I hope you enjoyed this round-up! What are your favorite Amazon purchases?

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  • Kait Elizabeth

    These are some of my FAV posts on my FB feed! Great round up. Those makeup towers are the absolute best!!!!!

  • I’m not going to lie, all of these purchases sound pretty great hahah that phone stand thingy looks so practical! haha I always watch videos on my phone whilst i’m working so it would come in so handy! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  • I am so with you! I find the most RANDOM stuff on Amazon and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one! xoRach || @RKCSouthern:disqus

  • Kathleen Cook

    Such great items! May I ask where you purchased the gold hanging file folder organizer in the picture? So beautiful!

  • Jen Pilchak

    Great roundup! I love that stand and the letterboard. Gorgeous content too on this post!
    xo Jen from